Saturday, July 21, 2018

England fan has kid’s drawing of Gareth Southgate tattooed on arm for charity

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England fan has kid’s drawing of Gareth Southgate tattooed on arm for charity

ENGLAND manager Gareth Southgate has his portrait tattooed on a dad-of-two all in the name of charity.

Jeff Holt from Barrow agreed to get the tattoo done to help youngsters raise more money for charity with their pictures of the England squad.

SWNS:South West News Service Twitter hailed Jeff Holt as amazing for his kind charity gesture.[/caption]

England and Gareth Southgate have without a doubt brought people together this summer after a successful run in the World Cup.

Flax Bourton Primary School in Bristol hoped to raise £2,000 through the sale of their Panini World Cup sticker books made up of their own drawings of players and managers.

The “Flaxini” World Cup Album which is still currently being auctioned on eBay included all 576 players in the official album as drawn by everyone from the head teacher to reception class pupils.

The children planned to raise money for two charities – The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research and Bristol charity Above & Beyond.

SWNS:South West News Service Jeff Holt pictured as the tattoo artist gets started on the drawing.[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service Six-year-old Lenny’s drawing hangs up ready for the tattoo artist to copy onto Holt’s arm.[/caption]

Dad-of-two Jeff Holt stepped in after reading about their campaign and offered to get their picture of Gareth Southgate, drawn by six-year-old Lenny, tattooed on his body if they reached their £2,000 target.

In which the youngsters smashed their target, leaving Mr Holt to take his place on the tattoo artist’s chair.

“This isn’t the normal sort of tattoo I’d go for, but it inspired me,” the 36-year-old said.

“After the Sweden game, I’d had a few rums, and I said on Twitter that I’d get a tattoo of Gareth Southgate if England made it to the final.”

SWNS:South West News Service Six-year-old Lenny’s drawing looks the spitting image of Gareth Southgate.[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service The finished tattoo of Gareth Southgate.[/caption]

“Then a while later, after a few more rums, this school got in touch with me and said ‘hang on why don’t you get a tattoo of our version’ and that was that.”

“Oscar my eldest son isn’t too impressed and my wife Gemma wasn’t that keen initially but when I told her what it was for she allowed me to get it.”

Mr Holt isn’t stopping there either, it’s inspired him to get another tattoo for charity in support of the NHS after his youngest son Jasper was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease.

“My son Jasper is five and has mitochondrial disease so we’ve had help from our local community,” he said.

Reuters Jeff Holt was inspired by Gareth Southgate after his successful run in the World Cup.[/caption]

“And I just thought it was an amazing project to get behind and it just inspired me to do it.”

“It will be a reminder of the great summer we’ve had, when we’ve all come together during the World Cup – so it will just be a special one really.”

You can purchase a copy of the sticker book on ebay here.



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